Projects and Passions


My current researches are focused on developing foundational knowledge for the understanding of cyberspace and its many geographies. This initially depends on an understanding of two broad fields of geography: human geography and GIS.

A great amount of my initial geographic research is inspired by works on the production of space, political economy, code/space, network society, and actor network theory. This is due to many researchers who have explored how and why the past, present, and future of cyberspace is dominated by its many geographies.

Defining Cyberspace

I am engaged in reshaping the dialogue towards formalized cyber geographic studies as part of my long-term professional and academic goals. My concentration is on:

  • Consolidated nomenclature and concepts for cyber geography
  • Analysis of socio-cultural differences in perception of cyberspace
  • Development and implementation of open-source, internationally available frameworks and tools
  • Promote and legitimize cyber geography as a unique field of study to schools around the world
My graduate research will parallel this effort, so I hope to have persistent updates via my news page.

Blockchain Technologies

My graduate work is currently focused on the numerous relations that exist within and surrounding blockchain-based technologies. My concentration is on:

  • Spaces of decentralized autonomous organizations
  • Human perceptions and communities related to blockchain-based systems
  • Examination of these systems' geo-economic and geopolitical conditions
    • As virtual currencies
    • As virtual marketplaces
    • As new emergent spaces
  • Deconstruction of blockchain technologies and their representations
    • code, protocols, and algorithms read as a constructed discourse
My extended research path will heavily focus on these efforts, eventually culminating in a series of publications and books.

Signals Exploitation

Exploring and interacting with the electromagnetic spectrum that surrounds us has been a hobby of mine for quite some time. I have developed educational materials to teach people about these concepts and ideas as a means to maintain, develop, and forward my knowledge. My concentration is on:

  • Software Defined Radio
  • Basic Radio Wave and Antenna Theory
  • Manipulation of Radio and Non-radio Hardware using GNURadio
  • Cellular Communications
  • Mobile Platform and Systems Exploits
  • Internet of Things, NFC, and Discrete Logic Systems
Contact me regarding my classes; the class materials are on my GitHub (click the OctoCat below).

Geography for Hackers

This is a multi-section course that uses the academic and practical knowledge of geography, as well as open-source GIS projects, to teach professionals from any field of labor or study how space, place, scale, and time matters. This understanding can and will have extremely positive effects on their daily activities and professional practices.

Essentially, I'll be teaching anyone how to "hack" geography for their specific use cases and hopefully making geographic thought commonplace. The foci will be:

  • Introduction to Geography and GIS
  • Using QGIS for Analysis
  • Using OpenGeo Suite for Analysis/Deployment
  • Python Programming for GIS
  • Remote Sensing with Hackable Devices
These courses will be tailored to specific use cases, guided by the students, and feedback will be shared anonymously with their permission. Branching-off of major and minor courses from the primary offerings above are expected. Alpha release is now on GitHub; your feedback is greatly appreciated!