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So far so good! The smart environment lab is up and running: very excited to start performing case studies with my colleagues! The doctoral work is also progressing, leveraging my knowledge engineering experience which is my current focus on several fronts. Tickets for the D4 Conference are now on sale and I'll be organizing a workshop on data operations: very much looking forward to that! I'm also feverishly working to get a draft of cerDO finished and a new version of ciuTshi out soon. Definitely getting off to a busy start this year! :D

As always, all of my work professionally and academically is kept as open-source as possible. To find my papers, blogs, classes, and other projects, check out my GitHub.

Classes I Teach

Geography for Hackers
Introduction to GIS
Introduction to Python
Data Analysis with Python
Web Cartography and Geovisualizations
A Primer for Critical Thinking
Introduction to Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
Introduction to Radio Wave and Antenna Theory
Introduction to Cellular Communications
Software Defined Radio
Introduction to GNU Radio