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Warmer weather is finally here! Time to travel, write, and work on a huge backlog of projects!

There is a LexMesh Project in the works. Given the recent issues with Internet freedoms, I wanted to take a shot at starting a local mesh network for community organizing. We're currently using the Bluegrass Developers Guild Slack for working through the initial stages of the project. Feel free to join the conversation.

Not sure what the situation is for the tentative Lexington-based conference. I'll post more information as I receive it. If you really need to know, you can always join us online in the Bluegrass Developers Guild Slack where I can give you details as they evolve.

As always, all of my work professionally and academically is kept as open-source as possible. To find my papers, blogs, classes, and other projects, check out my GitHub.

Community Organization

I'm very passionate about helping the people around me (even if I'm not the most social or vocal about it). :) I currently organize the Bluegrass Developers Guild in Kentucky. Please join us on Slack (request access through the Guild website) and attend our monthly Open Code sessions! I also organize and sponsor the LexPy Python Group and the Bluegrass Data Science Group. There are monthly meetups for topics related to data science, Python, R, blockchains, GIS, and much more! Please join us via the links above where I will be posting the latest events. We're also always looking for speakers. :)

Classes I Teach

Geography for Hackers
Introduction to GIS
Introduction to Python
Introduction to R
Web Cartography and Geovisualizations
Data Analysis with Python
Geostatistics with R
A Primer for Critical Thinking
Introduction to Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
Introduction to Radio Wave and Antenna Theory
Introduction to Cellular Communications
Software Defined Radio
Introduction to GNU Radio