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Finally: a new blog post. It has been a very long time, but I am back to writing between work, other work, and dissertation work. Work and other work make me appreciate my doctoral work more each day. So I will try to alternate posts between a practical technical approaches and a higher meta post on making technology, data, and education more relevant in daily life. So more data engineering and data operations for me this month: it's going to be pretty fun. I hope everyone has a merry and restful holiday!

As always, all of my work professionally and academically is kept as open-source as possible. To find my papers, blogs, classes, and other projects, check out my GitHub.

Classes I Teach

Geography for Hackers
Introduction to GIS
Introduction to Python
Data Analysis with Python
Web Cartography and Geovisualizations
A Primer for Critical Thinking
Introduction to Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
Introduction to Radio Wave and Antenna Theory
Introduction to Cellular Communications
Software Defined Radio
Introduction to GNU Radio