These are the scripts and documents related to my Master's thesis in geography. This includes my defense slides and the final copyrighted draft of my thesis.

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Forging Blockchains: Spatial Production and Political Economy of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Code/Spaces

These are the data analysis scripts I created for my Master’s thesis in geography. I created the Reddit scraper using Scrapy and used Jupyter Notebook to analyzed the data. The defense presentation and final draft of the thesis are available here. If you wish use the content of the thesis in part or in whole, please contact me as it is copyrighted

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Forjar Cadenas de Bloqueo: Producción Espacial y Economía Política de la Criptocurrencia Escentralizada Código/Espacios

Estos son las programas de análisis de datos que creé para mi tesis de maestría en geografía. Creé el raspador Reddit usando Scrapy y usé Jupyter Notebook para analizar los datos.

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