Education and Progress

Kenya is a center of East African economic prosperity, financial progress, and transportation. Despite a growing middle-class, they continue to see drops in student recidivism through the years of primary education (grades 1 to 8). This has the potential to create damaging effects on their growth regionally and globally.

About this Map

This map displays 2014 data on boys and girls enrolled in Kenyan primary school education (grades 1 to 8).

  • The map shows you circles for girls and boys sized according to the number enrolled per county.
  • The legend (lower right) shows you the number of student per circle size.
  • The slider (lower left) allows you to explore grades 1 through 8 (indicated by the Grade number).
  • Hover over symbols to view county name, numbers per grade, and trends per gender.


Enrollment: Girls and Boys per County


Girls :

Boys :

Trend: Grades 1 – 8