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Version 1.0 of my thesis, Forging Blockchains: Spatial Production and Political Economy of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Code/Spaces, is finally approved! I have posted a PDF copy of the defense presentation and thesis through GitHub. If you feel there are any issues with the content, methodology, or anything else, please post an issue within the repository. If you wish to use any of the content, please contact me as it is copyrighted.

The HackingCapitalism book project is into the drafting phase! Check out the website for recordings and book chapter outlines, notes, and more. And if you can, please pass the word and contribute!

Geography, blockchain, and data science research continues... after a long hiatus, I will be attempting once again to write summaries of my experiences in these areas to my blogs; stay tuned for more!

Geography for Hackers is a four part course covering geographic theory, GIS techniques, and web map applications! Its first iteration is on GitHub and I will be reviewing the content for additions soon!

Data Science Groups

I am currently the organizer for the Tampa Bay Data Science Group where I provide educational and community support for analytics, data, tooling, and critical thinking initiatives. Once I move to Lexington, Kentucky, I plan to start a similar group to expand these efforts.

Python Groups

From geoinformatics to data analytics, I love Python! If you're in the Tampa Bay area, definitely stop by. For event details, click here for Tampa and here for St. Pete! I focus on Python topics in the data science groups I organize, so check these groups out!

Classes I Teach

Geography for Hackers (4 part series)
Introduction to Python
Introduction to R
A Primer for Critical Thinking
Introduction to Radio Wave and Antenna Theory
Introduction to Cellular Communications
Software Defined Radio
Introduction to GNU Radio